Data Center Solution (DCS)

Data Center Solution (DCS)

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No matter the size of your company, withSkyf.IT vast data center management and technical competencies, we are able to support all your data center needs. Skyf.IT Data Center Solution (DC) is for organizations that want to leverage Skyf.IT’s data center facilities and expert 24/7 support.

What makes Skyf.IT a good match for you:

  • We support multiple hardware and software technologies.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Depth of knowledge in all IT infrastructure technologies.
  • Ability to customize our services for each client.
  • Extend the 24/7 capabilities of your internal IT staff.
  • Primary technical support staff assigned to each engagement.
  • Experienced staff that focuses on minimizing risk to business operations.

Skyf.ITData Center Solution enables organizations to remove complexity from day-to-day Data Center operations and blend sourcing strategies for an optimal balance between cost, performance and risk.