Data Center Operation and Management Outsourcing Solution

Data Center Operation and Management Outsourcing Solution

Data Center Operation and Management Outsourcing Solution

With Data Center operations under pressure from spiralling power costs, space constraints, regulatory requirements and expensive modernization investments, internal IT resources are increasingly insufficient to meet business demand.

To escape these internal constraints, organisations need to identify and implement new ways to manage their Data Center assets through internal resources, contract engineers, IT contract staff, IT manpower outsourcing, external expertise or an optimal combination of the two.

Skyf.IT’sData Center Operations and Management Outsourcing solution provides Data Center operators and level 2 engineers to support the smooth operation of a Data Center. Over the years, Skyf.IT have been able to help our Data Center clients reduce operating cost without affecting service level commitments to their clients.

Key Benefits

Skyf.IT Data Center Operation and Management solution combines the expertise, resources and facilities needed to operate scalable and sustainable Data Center infrastructures. We will help your organization by

Control costs: By taking advantage of shared resources, remote infrastructure managements and best practice processes, you can achieve higher availability and performance at a lower cost. Our Data Center Outsourcing Services are based on flexible pricing models and help move capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

Facilitate change: By optimizing IT service delivery and the Data Center infrastructure, your business will be more responsive to organizational change, new legislative requirements and customer demand.

Enhance performance: By offering guaranteed outcomes at a predictable cost, Skyf.IT will help you deliver consistent IT services to the business.

Mitigate risk: We will minimize the business risks surrounding regulatory compliance, security, scalability and access to skills within the Data Center environment.