Professional Contract Management (PCM)

Professional Contract Management (PCM)

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Services (IMS)

Professional Contract Management (PCM) is essentially an IT manpower payroll outsourcing services. With our IT manpower payroll outsourcing service, we are able to compliment the 24 x 7 IT support with contract engineers assigned on site, from as short as 3 months to 60 months, without our clients worry about resources acquisition, training and retention.

Clients who like to consider IT manpower payroll outsourcing services may consider a more comprehensive service under PCM services, where backfill engineers or other technical resources are provisioned to handle planned or unplanned absence of the technical resources. This will ensure continuity in IT support for the business.

We begin by understanding and assessing your business needs, then providing the right combination of leading edge technologies and systems Professionals required to meet the business objectives.

Some of the major projects handled by Skyf.IT include DATA CENTER operators outsourcing, desktop outsourcing and office IT contract staff. Technical Professionals assigned to date include

  • Senior Project Managers
  • Consulting Professionals (Oracle DB, Solaris OS, IBM Websphere)
  • DB Consultants (Oracle RAC, DataGuard, MS-SQL)
  • Developers (.Net, Java or Mobile developers)
  • System Engineers (AIX, Solaris, RHEL, Windows, Vmware, all backup applications)
  • Desktop Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Helpdesk Agents
  • IT Administrators

The Skyf.IT’s management understands the value each employee brings to the organization. Our employee forms the DNA of the company, they represent who we are. As such, Skyf.IT has a Talent Management Division that solely looks at the sourcing, training, retaining, career-developing and empowering our employees. Singapore, being the lowest unemployment rate in the world plus tighter employment policies, it has become imminent that Sky & F adopts the best practice to acquire and retain our best Talents.

We will ensure your business applications are available, accessible and secure 24 x 7 at an effective and efficient cost.