Hybrid Cloud Backup and Restore Solution

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Restore Solution

Our hybrid cloud backup and restore solution includes provision an on-premise appliance for the on-premise backup. A copy will also be replicated off-site.

Key Differentiators of our Skyf.IT Backup and Restore Solution :

  • offers Cost-Predictability with no Hidden-Costs when storing data in the Cloud through our Time-Based Retention subscription offerings.
  • 1 Year Cloud Retention - Unlimited Data and the ability to roll-back up till 12 months in the past worth of backup-images on our cloud.
  • Server monitoring.
  • Infinite Cloud Retention - For just under 20% uplift, we offer not just Unlimited Data, but Unlimited Time in the cloud.
    (i.e. we will never cap how old your data gets in our cloud so your cloud data can keep growing while the bill remains the same)

Benefits of our Skyf.IT Backup and Restore solution with respect to business continuity :

  • on-premise appliance can be turned on as a disaster recovery server in very short notice if a production VM or server fails.
  • during a ransomware outbreak, clients can restore the latest unaffected data to continue business operation.