Cloud-to-Cloud SaaS Backup (C2C)

Cloud-to-Cloud SaaS Backup (C2C)

Cloud Backup and Restore Services (CBB)

Opting for a SaaS provider like Google Apps, Office 365, or SalesForce has its benefits, but also its drawbacks. Keep control of your critical business data while enjoying the scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of SaaS solutions with Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Recovery.

The Need for C2C

Google, Microsoft, and SalesForce handle invaluable business data responsibly for many companies. They can be trusted with your data and a breach or outage on their end is highly unlikely. However, when it comes to user error, malicious attacks, compliance issues, and user management, a C2C backup and recovery solution is your only hope for preventing data loss, downtime, and the related financial demise that follows.

User Error

Businesses face a huge liability if a user deletes or overwrites a file, an email, or a record unintentionally; or if an employee leaves the company and takes their files with them. C2C Backup and Recovery unlinks critical business information from the user who created it and hands control back to the company.

Malicious Attacks

Insider threats can be detrimental to a business and protecting your data from your trusted employees is an endless battle between a need for security and need for access. Work confidently knowing that even malicious attacks can be “undone” when a prior backup is restored.

Compliance Issues

Public companies, healthcare providers, financial organizations, and others with strict regulations must ensure that data is encrypted and protected in transit and at rest. SOC 2 Type II compliance, as well as compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and Safe Harbor, ensures that rigorous standards for data security are met.

User Management

Add, delete, and archive users easily as C2C Backup and Restore enables your company to archive or export entire user accounts to save on licensing fees, easily swap user names, and save on third party storage fees and manual backup resources.