Application Performance Testing Services

Application Performance Testing Services

Performance testing is a key component of understanding how our systems will function and react under load. Load refers to the user traffic expected to access the assessment at any one time throughout the duration of the systems lifecycle.

By focusing on the behavior of the system and effectively analyzing and managing the results of the numerous load tests carried out we ensure the assessment systems are in the best possible shape to support the expected loads, stresses and spikes that would be experienced in a normal assessment situation.

Type of Performance Tests that we perform include

  • Load testing

    Basic form of performance testing to determine the behaviour of the system by applying a controlled concurrent load to the system.

  • Stress testing

    This test the upper limit of an application and to evaluate the stability of the application running beyond its limits.

  • Endurance testing

    Endurance testing is conducted over an extended period of time to determine if the application can handle continuous expected load. Normally, this test can indicate memory leaks and throughput degradation over time.

  • Benchmark testing

    Different number of concurrent load is applied to the application and the results are verified against a set of benchmark.

  • Spike testing

    The objective of this test is to determine if the application can handle sudden surge of load. This monitors changes in performance or for failure.